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Multisport Watch

Never. Lose. Focus


Powered by ELEMNT technology The ELEMNT RIVAL GPS multisport watch creates a seamless training and racing experience allowing you to focus on your performance, not how your equipment is performing.

With powerful and intelligent multisport features, ELEMNT RIVAL tracks segment time and workout data with minimal interaction between you and your watch, letting you concentrate on the task at hand – your race-day performance.



Using the intuitive ELEMNT operating system, RIVAL delivers a simple user experience. Unique multisport features like Touchless Transition, Multisport Handover and Perfect View Zoom create a seamless performance advantage whether training or competing. Designed with a 64 color screen, ceramic bezel and gorilla glass lens, ELEMNT RIVAL not only looks great for everyday use but will also withstand your hardest workouts.


Elemnt Companion App

Use the simple interface of your smartphone via our free companion app to customize settings, configure workout pages and link sensors. Store your ride history and automatically sync workouts to your favorite training apps.

Designed to perform

The ELEMNT RIVAL is built to perform, with a high contrast color screen, easy to see in any environment. The focus is on the athlete, and trying to make the next workout, or race, a simple and pain free experience.

Touchless transition

Touchless Transition automatically transitions the ELEMNT RIVAL between legs of a triathlon so that you can maintain focus on your race, rather than your equipment.

Multisport handover

Set up your RIVAL and ELEMNT Bike Computer to automatically share data between devices during a triathlon, so that you can view your race on both devices.

Perfect view zoom

Perfect View Zoom allows you to zoom in and out of data fields that are most important to you.

Battery life

With a 24 hour battery when in GPS mode, you can tackle the longest races, and know the ELEMNT RIVAL will perform. The ELEMNT RIVAL battery will last for up to two weeks in regular smartwatch mode.

Kickr control

Pairs with KICKR Smart Trainers to allow you to train in three different modes: ERG, Level or Passive to just record your workout controlled by another app.

Editing workouts

You are able to manually edit each leg of your triathlon or lap swim data. After the workout is synced, the athlete can modify individual legs of the triathlon by adjusting the time in that specific leg using sliders.


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